Strategies for Staying on Top of Property Maintenance

Strategies for Staying on Top of Property Maintenance

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Strategies for Staying on Top of Property MaintenanceKeeping investment properties in good shape is a core part of the job, and one that property owners expect of their managers. Tenants, too, expect timely responses and understanding when it comes to their maintenance issues. Keeping up-to-date with all the maintenance needs of a property can pose a significant challenge, though, especially for managers who must oversee many properties. Here are a few things you can try to make that job easier and increase satisfaction among all parties.

Automate some of your work

There are many online web systems for collecting support tickets from tenants and notifying the appropriate maintenance personnel. Investigate whether setting up such a system for your tenants would be a good plan. When you can offload some of the work onto an automated system, you free up more of your time and attention for attending to the requests. This type of system can also alert you to maintenance issues immediately.

Keep good records in an accessible place

Track issues very closely. Make sure you can always check on records for maintenance, especially to help with resolving tenant disputes. Know which properties had what type of maintenance performed and when. Keep all your receipts so you can track these expenses for the property owner. Accurate records can prevent and resolve all kinds of problems.

Create a framework for a rapid response

When a tenant has their AC go out or their refrigerator break, they seldom want to wait for a repair. Whenever possible, look for ways to fast-track a maintenance response without incurring too many extra fees for the owner. Know exactly who to call for each type of maintenance job. When you can dispatch services to your tenants sooner rather than later, satisfaction can go up across the board.

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