Do You Need Professional Pics to Sell Your Home?

Do You Need Professional Pics to Sell Your Home?

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Do You Need Professional Pics to Sell Your HomeIt’s hard to overstate the importance of pictures in the home selling process. With many buyers doing research online these days, many people will view your listing on sites such as Zillow. Once there, they will expect to be able to get a glimpse inside your home. How far do you need to go to be able to stand out in the market? Should you hire a professional real estate photographer to take pictures for your listing? To find out if that’s the right path for you, think about a couple of factors first.

Consider the list price for your home

What kind of price point does your property have? The higher your list price, the more expectations buyers will have. If you’re selling a home that carries a low to moderate price tag for the area, you probably don’t need to rely on a professional for photos. However, higher-end homes can benefit from professional staging and photography. Consider catering to the whims of buyers if you need to bring in a strong offer.

Is hiring a photographer within your budget?

What if you want the extra touch of class even for a home priced lower? Ask yourself if it’s within your budget. You may even want to seek out a quote based on the number of rooms in your home. If you can afford it, chalk it up to just another expense in the sale process, like a home inspection. However, there are still options if you can’t afford a pro.

Exercise the do-it-yourself spirit

There’s nothing wrong with taking the pictures yourself. Consider a “how-to” guide for taking properly staged photos. For tough rooms like bathrooms that pose a challenge for photographers, these guides are especially handy. With how important photos are to making a good impression, it’s worth exploring all your options. In the end, though, you can still get by just fine taking good photos with your phone.

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