What to Know About the Fremont Unified School District

What to Know About the Fremont Unified School District

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Fremont Unified School District“Are there good schools in the area?” There are few questions more important to parents making moving decisions. The available options for school district is often a core component of buying a home, as it determines your choice of school. For those considering a move to the beautiful area of Fremont, CA educational opportunities concentrate in the Fremont Unified School District (Fremont USD). Here are some of the important things you need to know.

An array of highly-rated schools

The quality of the schools available in the district can inform your decision to move there. Fremont Unified School District is home to highly-rated schools compared to others in the district and the state. Mission San Jose High School, for example, ranks #12 in the state and boasts a 98% graduation rate. Other schools, such as Irvington High, also crack the top 100.

Diverse schools offer rich educational opportunities

Several schools within the Fremont Unified School District reflect excellent ethnic diversity, providing a robust place for children to meet peers and make friends. Learning in a diverse environment prepares a child for the real world and encourages cooperation and understanding. With some schools surpassing 50% minority enrollment, there are many opportunities to positively expand a child’s horizons.

Good teachers, better education

Fremont Unified School District also offers a student-to-teacher ratio of about 25:1, so children have opportunity to receive the attentive education they need in a focused environment. Lower class sizes mean more opportunities for one-on-one interaction. The result is a better space for learning and a supportive and encouraging approach to education.

Altogether, there are nearly 40 schools from elementary to high school available in the Fremont Unified School District. Therefore, parents have plenty of choices when it comes to finding good schools for children of all ages. Therefore, with a vibrant community and a thriving real estate market, the addition of the Fremont USD makes it an attractive destination for families from across the nation and abroad.

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