More Budget-Friendly House Staging Tips

More Budget-Friendly House Staging Tips

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More Budget-Friendly House Staging TipsWe all know the importance of making a property look good to encourage a sale. “Staging” isn’t a buzzword anymore: it’s something almost every homeowner understands as essential to the success of their sale. When you’re staging, it’s critical to make the property look its best. However, professional staging can be a huge expense — maybe one you can’t afford. What are some quick and pocketbook-friendly ways to stage?

Use slipcovers for old furniture

Sofas and loveseats are wonderful places to relax, but over time, they can attract all kinds of unsightly stains and marks. Replacing the furniture with a staging rental can carry a hefty price tag. With a good quality slipcover, you can cover up stains and create a clean, appealing look for the furniture in the room. This will allow you to photograph a more inviting space.

“Bed in a bag” solutions work wonders

Bedrooms are a big selling point for buyers, so it’s important to make them look their best. Instead of trying to make do with your old comforter and sheets, pick up a complete set in one package. It should be easy to find a set that aligns with your budget and your taste. Strip off the old sheets, toss on your “bed in a bag” comforter, and start snapping.

Choose the right light bulbs

Natural light is important, but so is what a space looks like when the sun goes down. The wrong color temperature and wattage can make some spaces in your home seem dim and dingy or overly bright and clinical. Consider shopping for bulbs specifically designed for places such as kitchens and bathrooms to avoid these problems and take better pictures.

With these quick and easy tips, you can make an immediate change in your home. Staging doesn’t have to break the bank when you’re clever about your approach.

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